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The riding club SANTO HORSE RIDING is located in the small village of Akrotiri, which is 15 km. from Fira. The settlement is built around the walls of the Venetian castle. Even today the small castle-like town lives in its own rhythm as the tourists have not altered the character of the village nor the lifestyle of residents.
In this beautiful natural environment is our farm which offers our guests hours of relaxation, leisure and rest near the unique Theran nature.
A few meters from our farm, lies the archaeological site of Akrotiri, one of the most important of its kind in Greece. This is the prehistoric settlement discovered by archaeologist Spyros Marinatos 1967. The area was discovered a whole well preserved
settlement buried under lava and ash. According to the findings, the area flourished around 3000 BC and was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 1500 BC
The visit to the archaeological site of Akrotiri is a unique experience. According to the findings, the settlement was inhabited from the Late Neolithic Age and flourished in the Early Bronze Age. Its area was over 200 acres. The architecture of the building has a lot in common with Minoan cities. The houses were two and three storey and decorated with exquisite frescoes which their representation resembles those of the Minoan palaces.
The settlement had excellent urban organization and excellent drainage system. The two and three storey buildings were discovered with many of their appliances, reveal that Akrotiri lived an organized society with high living standards. Also, the findings appear to have had close relations to Minoan Crete, mainland Greece, the Dodecanese, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt. It is estimated that in the late 17th BC century the people left the city due to strong earthquakes. That is why in the settlement no human or animal skeletons were found. Followed the eruption changed the shape of the island. The volcanic materials covered the city of Akrotiri protecting to date the buildings and their contents, as was in Pompeii. Therefore, the ancient settlement was called Pompeii of Greece.
From Akrotiri and following a short time walking path, you can reach the famous Red beach. The landscape that you will see is unique in the world. Huge red rocks rise above the beach with reddish pebbles and compose a unique scene resembling lunar. The Red beach is organized and except by driving you can also reach by sea by taking the boats that start from the small port of Akrotiri.